How It Works

We make this EASY for you!

1. Enter your zip code to see if delivery is available in your area.

2. Create an account to set up your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery.

3. Pick out what size Farmbox best suits your lifestyle. We have different Farmboxes for different needs!

4. Customize your Farmbox to your liking with up to 5 substitutions.

BOOM! You're done and we do the rest of the work! Fresh, local produce and pantry items will soon be delivered right to your door! 

5. Now here comes the fun part for us:

  • We let our farmers and local producers know what’s been ordered, they harvest and make it just for you.

  • Each item is freshly picked, prepared or baked to order.

  • One of our main objectives is to eliminate food waste since we only receive what we need.

6. All of your goodies are packed and loaded into our delivery vehicle.

  • Thermal packaging is used on all cold items to ensure freshness, especially if you’re not home to receive it.

  • Your order will arrive between 8am-6pm. And we’ll always text you when it arrives.

7. You enjoy your produce and incredible meals with your family and friends

8. One last step! Make sure to return your box each week by simply leaving it on the doorstep for our friendly delivery drivers to retrieve with your next delivery. This helps us keep a small footprint and keep your box costs low. :)

There is NO commitment ever! If you are going on vacation, or just need to skip a delivery, our system makes it very easy for you to manage your delivery, or feel free to email us anytime to assist you.

We do not charge a fee for registration or membership! 

Delivery Schedule

We deliver on different days to different zip codes.  Please input your zip code to find out your delivery day. Your credit card will be charged on 2 days prior to your delivery.

We have a cut-off because we must tell our Farmers and Artisans what we need for each delivery. Don’t worry, if you miss this week’s cut-off, be sure to still create an account so you are on our email list for the following week's harvest!

*Please note: Delivery delays or quality issues can sometimes be at the hands of good ol' Mother Nature due to weather and/or traffic en route to you.*

Contact within 24 hours of receiving your order if any issues occur and pictures may be requested to help us prevent further issues and determine the best way to solve your concerns.