Frequently Asked Questions

How does Farmbox Arizona’s service work?

We bring the season's best mix of local produce and hand-crafted farm products conveniently to your home or office.

We partner with Arizona farms and specialty artisans to help support our communities and provide our members with more variety. You choose the produce box type, size and delivery frequency that best fits your lifestyle and family/office size. Easily change your service as your needs change.

Each delivery includes the option to edit/customize your box online and comes hand-packed with produce, news from your farmer, recipes, produce tips and details on upcoming events. Adding artisan farm products to your produce deliveries is optional. Log in to your account online to manage box contents, delivery schedules, account information and modify your Never Send List — a list of produce items you do not want included in your deliveries. Check to see if we deliver to your area!


What should I do if my order is late or missing?

We do our absolute best to get everyone their Farmbox on the day we have promised, but there may be weeks when your order might be delayed. We are currently delivering between 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM. If you have not received your delivery within that time, please reach out to us at so we can look into it.


What should I do with my packaging once my order arrives?

We are happy to recycle or reuse all of your packaging—just leave your boxes, egg cartons, or other items by your door when you’re expecting a delivery and we’ll take them back.


How do I customize my order?

You can make changes and additions to your order by going to the My Account tab and logging in. All changes to your order must be done between Friday at 11:00 PM and Sunday at 6:00 PM for the current week's delivery. Unfortunately, we are not able to postpone or cancel orders after your cut-off time has passed.


Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?

You do not! You will receive an automatic text message when our driver has arrived and will place your delivery near your door (we will look for a protected place during inclement weather). If you would like, you can place a cooler by your door and we will gladly place your order inside. If you are receiving eggs in your order, we highly recommend a cooler with an ice pack by your door so your eggs will stay fresh until you can bring them inside.


Do you deliver in my area?

Do you live in Arizona? The fastest way to determine if we deliver in your area is to go to the Home page and put in your zip code. We currently service The Valley, but we are hoping to expand our delivery area very soon, so please let us know where you are from and we will let you know when we plan to be in your area!


Is the produce in my box from local farmers?

We are Arizonans, serving Arizonans, supporting Arizona farmers & the local economy. The vast majority of the produce in our boxes comes directly from Arizona farmers and producers. We also offer a limited range of produce from outside Arizona in our Harvest Boxes because we recognize that convenience is important, and sometimes you just want a banana.


How do you pick what farmers/producers to use?

We personally visit all farms and producers so we can carefully select only the best local and small-batch products to feature in our marketplace. You can shop confidently knowing that all the products you see on our site are grown, raised, or produced using the highest standards and are therefore naturally nutrient-rich and delicious.


Why We Carry Some Non-Local Food

Local food is at the heart of everything we do, yet we also know that some household staples simply aren’t available from local sources. A home cook in Arizona will likely need lemons or olive oil, just as a cook in Arizona may regularly use Pecans. Some of these items just aren't available year-round or local farms do not grow much of certain items. And everyone needs coffee. The Funny Thing About Being 100% LOCAL We’ve realized that we’re most effective at helping our local producers grow their businesses if we can replace an entire trip to the grocery store for customers. Ironically, being too rigid about local sourcing actually hurts our local producers’ sales since customers have to go elsewhere for some items. So in order to grow local food systems, we supplement our local selection with some carefully chosen products from a wider radius.


How do I remove recurring items or subscriptions?

To remove recurring items and subscriptions, please contact our Customer Service department at As long as this is done by the cut-off time for your order, it will remove the item from all upcoming orders. If changes are made after the cut-off time for your next order, the changes will go into effect with the following week's order.


What makes shopping with FarmBox better than the supermarket or other delivery companies?

Lots of things! First, the food that you buy from FarmBox is much fresher and higher quality than the food you’d find at your traditional grocery store or other delivery companies since it’s not sitting around waiting to be purchased or traveling across the state to get to you. We do not keep inventory, we only order what we need for the boxes going out that week. This allows us to only deliver the very freshest groceries to you.

With FarmBox, you can search for exactly what you want and find it right away—plus you can browse the aisles and discover new products.


When and how often will my groceries arrive? Can I skip?

We pick a delivery day for you based on your zip code. This allows us to deliver efficiently and reduce emissions. You can choose your deliveries to be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

You can always skip a delivery if you’re headed out of town or are just drowning in produce (an enviable problem!).  To skip, Log In to your account, head to your Upcoming Deliveries page, and locate the order you would like to skip. Select the Skip Delivery’ link to the right of the delivery details.


Do you offer a referral reward?

Yes! For all of us here at Farmbox, there is no greater compliment than your referral. We love it so much that you get a $20 credit every time you refer a friend and your friend gets a $10 credit. Just tell your friend to enter your full name or email address during sign-up (correct spelling helps us make sure your credit goes to the right account) and you can start racking up the rewards - there's no limit to how much you can earn!


How is this different from a CSA?

FarmBox Arizona offers more variety, flexibility and convenience than a typical Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Because we source from many different farms, we can offer a broader variety of produce throughout the growing season. Unlike a CSA, you do not have to pay for the season up front, and you can skip a delivery or alter your schedule as needed. You only pay for the deliveries you receive. You can also customize your Local Produce Box and let us know which fruits and veggies best satisfy your needs. Best of all, we come to you!


How do you deliver such fresh food?

We work directly with our local Arizona farmers and food makers, which allows us to get their food to us (and then to you) in half the time of a traditional grocery stores or other delivery companies. That means better, more delicious food for you.


What if I do not like or am allergic to certain items?

You can ask that we exclude certain produce items from your deliveries by adding them to your Never Send List  You can exclude an entire group of items like Apples, or a specific variety like Granny Smith. If an item on your Never Send List is scheduled for your box, we will automatically provide an alternate item, typically substituting a fruit for a fruit and a vegetable for a vegetable. You can also make changes to the produce items in your delivery when you Customize Your Box.


What happens if I don't log in and customize my box?

Customizing your box is not required to receive a delivery. For each delivery, well select a well-rounded mix of the seasons best organic produce based on your particular box type and size and deliver it to your door based on the frequency you choose.

TIP: If you would prefer not to customize your box (or like the contents to be a surprise), but still want to avoid receiving certain produce items, you can mark these items on your Never Send List and well create your box without them.


Can I lower the price of my delivery when customizing?

When customizing your box you are not able to reduce your box size or remove items from your box to lower the price of your delivery. In other words, your delivery cannot fall below your subscription-service price (the price of your box without the customizations).


Why cant I pick my delivery day and time?

We deliver to certain areas on certain days to minimize the environmental impact and optimize our routes so that your fresh produce arrives at its best.


I'm moving, what should I do?

If you're moving within our delivery area, you can easily edit your Delivery Information and any saved addresses easily in your account online. If you are moving to an area where we do not deliver, please contact us immediately so we can properly coordinate the cancellation of any affected deliveries and services. We are sorry to lose you as part of our farm family but wish you well on your new adventure!

Please note: It is your responsibility to cancel your account or change your delivery address with us if you move. You are financially responsible for any farm boxes delivered to an old or incorrect address. Learn how to cancel your service below.


Can I place my service on hold?

Whether you have a robust summer garden, are traveling to tropical locales, have a crazy schedule, or are temporarily abstaining from all fruits and veggies (gasp!), we offer the ability to pause your service for up to 3 consecutive months by moving forward your Next Delivery date in the Manage Services panel. Please take note of this date as this is when your service will resume. A reminder email to customize your next delivery back will also be sent.

If you simply wish to skip a delivery (or two or three), you may find it easier to use the calendar view to skip deliveries by date. If you wish to completely cancel your service, we’re sorry to see you go and do hope you’ll come back. Learn how to cancel your service below.