About Us

Our background

Growing up in the Southeastern part of the United States surrounded by rural landscapes & farms, national parks, and a much slower life, I always felt connected to the land. I was taught an appreciation for that land as well as an appreciation for others. My entire family nurtured gardens, from uncles and aunts to my Mamaw (that's southerner for grandma), who had some of the most beautiful pink roses I've ever seen, and my father, who always had a vegetable garden starting early spring throughout the summer. 


Something about that garden always caught my attention, probably because I was constantly choosing to help there rather than do my other chores. I would watch my dad till up the soil, plant the seeds, and water the land in the muggy Tennessee heat. 


Naturally, I would do anything he needed help with, as seeing the garden flourish fascinated me. The fruits of my labor could be seen so much more clearly by what was produced each season. We would eat from that garden all summer, and it always produced more than what we could consume. Being my dad's farmhand helped me appreciate homegrown produce, which would blossom my passion and overall love for quality food.


Over time, life carried me far away from those East Tennessee hills, and while I can't pick fresh okra or juicy tomatoes from the family garden anymore, the lessons it taught me burrowed their roots.


Through my travels and life experiences, I've learned so much more about what holistic health really is, and how understanding what processes your food may have been through determines how nourishing that food is for you as well – its beyond proteins, carbs, and fats.


Our mission


Farmbox Arizona was founded to help people discover and support their local family-owned farms, to encourage better produce purchasing habits, and mitigate purchasing from big box stores that contain produce doused in harsh chemicals or at the end of its shelf life. 


For some, going to the grocery store can take valuable time away from enjoying it with those you love, or sometimes that 7 am alarm to get to the farmers market is just a little too early on Saturday morning after a long work week.


Farmbox Arizona creates a solution to gain back your valuable time that would be used elsewhere, while eliminating food waste, and connecting you to your local farming community.


Our objective is to help you:


·       Eat Clean - to show that eating healthy can be delicious


·       Eat Mindfully - feel confident that what you're consuming is responsibly or organically raised


·       Eat Arizona - to help farmers and producers be more connected with people like you while providing the feel of your local farmers market


Our Promise


Farmbox Arizona's promise to you will be to provide sustainably grown produce and farm products that are fresher than the grocery store and to ALWAYS choose Arizona farmers, producers, and artisans first. 


We also promise to be a staple in the community by taking part in important initiatives to improve the quality of life of Arizonans in need in The Valley.


We look forward to you not only becoming a part of the Farmbox Family, but we aim to provide incredible memories and stories with your family through the meals you create for years to come! 


Cory H. McGill

Founder; Farmbox Arizona