Full Harvest Fruits & Veggies

Full Harvest Fruits & Veggies


(Feeds 3-4 people) (11-13 types of produce) Great for a small family or a couple who loves to cook.  *Most Popular*

What's in it?

Avocado, 2 (each)
The fruit of the avocado tree is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, providing nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins...see more

Cilantro, 1 (bunch)
With its sweet, bright aroma, fresh cilantro is used in Latin American and Asian cooking. Use this bold herb — a.k.a. coriander or Chinese parsley —...see more

Spinach, Baby
Spinach, Baby, 1 (5 oz)
no description available ...see more

Orange, Navel
Orange, Navel, 2 (each)
no description available ...see more

Potato, Russet
Potato, Russet, 2 (lb)
Also known as the Idaho potato. Russet potatoes are starchy with low moisture content, making for fluffy, picture-perfect baked potatoes or french fries. Russets...see more

Bell Pepper, Green
Bell Pepper, Green, 2 (each)
These peppers provide three times the vitamin C recommended each day to help give your immune system a boost, helping to safeguard you against heart disease, prostate...see more

Lettuce, Romaine
Lettuce, Romaine, 1 (each)
Romaine is a classic lettuce well known to lovers of Caesar salad. Its understated sweet-bitter flavor, crunchy backbone, and distinctive upright shape have made...see more

Apple, Granny Smith
Apple, Granny Smith, 2 (each)
Granny Smith  Apples are one of the well -known apple varieties Known for its bright green color and crisp, lemony- tart flesh that  resists browning when...see more

Lemon, 2 (each)
Lots of juice and a bright, clear, tart flavor that is surprisingly low in acid. The rind has lots of tang with a bitter note thrown in. We use lemons as a substitute...see more

Tomato, Slicing
Tomato, Slicing, 1 (lb)
these bright red, mildly flavored tomatoes look like they were just picked from a rich summer garden. Grown in greenhouses all year round, theyre our tomato of choice...see more

Spaghetti Squash
Spaghetti Squash, 1 (each)
Sweet, crunchy and mild. When cooked, the squash flesh separates and looks like strands of spaghetti. Poke a hole in each end of the squash, boil the whole thing...see more

Pear, Red d,Anjou
Pear, Red d,Anjou, 2 (each)
The Red Anjou was discovered by chance in a green D’Anjou orchard in Oregon and has become one of the most popular pears on the market. The fruit has a mild,...see more

Onion, Farmers Choice
Onion, Farmers Choice, 1 (lb)
From Sweet onions to mini purple onions, green onions and everything in between. Your farmer from Pinnacle Farms will pick the best they have!...see more

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Eggs, Cage-Free (Dozen)
Eggs, Cage-Free (Half Dozen)